PERFORMANCE AND REHAB for people who love movement

Exclusively online booking

Our clients are highly motivated and relatively independent. As such, they love booking online and managing their schedule in the convenience of their home, or where ever they can access internet on a mobile device. To meet the needs and expectations of our clientele, I book 30- and 60-minute 1-on-1 physiotherapy appointments. Payment is primarily by credit card and visa debit, but as of June 2019 we have also begun processing direct deposit. Please come dressed (shorts, t-shirt / tank and sports bra as appropriate; optimal ability to view the spine is awesomely helpful). Note we are not set up to take on ICBC or WSBC clients but there are many good clinics in Vancouver who do.

We help our clients do cool stuff.

In 2018 I launched Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic. Lift Clinic is built on the principle of leveraging the best available skills in physio, chiro and massage therapy to help people succeed in sport, life and the active BC lifestyle. We collaborate with in-house strength coaches (Enhanced Performance) and many dedicated strength and sport coaches from around the city.
Your dreams have no limits.

Neither should your treatment.

Our treatment rooms are within a strength training facility. Here we offer modern, effective clinical services you have come to know and trust - detailed assessments that put local problems in a whole body context; manual therapy; IMS; rehab and performance exercise.

I'd like to offer an experience where the physio you trust to deeply understand your body can, when needed, also be trusted to coach you through the most important and effective means of getting healthy, stable, powerful and resilient. With that said, sometimes it can also be about fighting off poor sleep, bad habits or making big changes to drivers of your stress that are fueling your tension, pain or fatigue.

When you book with me, you also get my insight into how the scope of RMT, chiropractic, strength training and sports medicine can be applied to your situation. I collaborate extensively with my team to help you get the answers and results you need, and access the best available treatment path. Our in-house team of therapists and coaches are constant learning and working to better understand each other so that we can make interdisciplinary care a seamless, goal-oriented process.

  • Manual Therapy

    99% of my clients get some hands-on treatment in their process. Hands help to heal and to understand your condition.

  • Exercise

    1 in 20 clients may experience a miracle treatment that heals you without exercise. Movement is the language of the body.

  • Dry Needling (IMS)

    About 60% of my clients accelerate recovery with needling. Not for people with severe needle phobia.

  • Tingly machines etc.

    A dial-graph of zero wasn't possible. If you need tingly machines, gizmos and unicorns I can refer you elsewhere.

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