PERFORMANCE AND REHAB for people who love movement

Exclusively online booking and credit card/Visa-debit payment

Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic, operating treatment rooms within Enhanced Performance and Eastside Fitness, run a lean operation without a receptionist. I book 30-minute 1-on-1 physiotherapy appointments with a 10-minute buffer to ensure I'm on time for you and help with payment processing, scheduling etc. But ideally, this "buffer" time gets passed on to you, especially if you're organized, come dressed and ready and manage your own bookings. Oh and "Visa Debit" means, if your debit card has the visa debit logo on it, you can use your debit card for online payment, there are no fees to you it's just like usual. But smaller banks that don't have visa debit won't allow you to use your debit card on this payment system

A new era has begun with Lift

In 2018 I launched Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic. Lift Clinic is a collaboration between myself, chiro and massage therapy to help our clients access the services they need most and work in a collaborative fashion. We also collaborate with strength coaches in our partner gyms (Enhanced Performance and Eastside Fitness), and strength coaches and sport coaches in the community.
Your dreams have no limits. Neither should your physio.

Our treatment rooms are within gym settings, where we offer all the clinical services you have come to know and trust. I strive to be really good with my hands, my IMS needles and traditional rehab exercises too, but many times, lifting heavy while moving well is what you need to get your body to a better place.

My greatest successes personally, and my clients' greatest successes have often come hand in hand with some sustained effort in the gym. So whether strength training is part of your lifestyle, or you want to start getting into the gym for the first time, this is often a part of how I help my clients.

I'd like to offer an experience where the physio you trust to deeply understand your body can, when needed, also be trusted to coach you through the most important and effective means of getting healthy, stable, powerful and resilient.

  • Manual Therapy

    99% of my clients get some hands-on treatment in their process. Hands help to heal and to understand your condition.

  • Exercise

    1 in 20 clients may experience a miracle treatment that heals you without exercise. Movement is the language of the body.

  • Dry Needling (IMS)

    About 60% of my clients accelerate recovery with needling. Not for people with severe needle phobia.

  • Tingly machines etc.

    A dial-graph of zero wasn't possible. If you need tingly machines, gizmos and unicorns I can refer you elsewhere.

Ask your Physio

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