Movement Champions 2017 – Level Two

Level Two is where you’ll start to see performance and injury prevention gains! If you’re here, hopefully you have already practiced the foundations laid out in Level One for a few weeks at or longer. Proper form and execution of core bracing and breathing strategies really helps you get more from your time and efforts,[…]

Movement Champions 2017 – Level One

Movement Champions 2017 – Level One The following resources will help you as an individual or as a group/team to successfully implement Movement Champions training. This program has been developed through research, clinical and on-field experience working with athletes from all different sports, across all ages and levels of ability from novice to professional. Ultimately[…]

Movement Champions Program – Level 2

By Travis Dodds Physio If your goal is to perform better and prevent injuries, Level 2 is for you! Before you start Level 2, I’d expect you have eliminated any weak links from Level 1 and learned to practice the Level 1 routine with efficiency, striving for excellence in your form every step of the[…]

Onsite Physio for 2016 Beach Volleyball Provincials

Now’s your chance to see me at Beach Provincials! After 2 years of intensive new-daddy time, I’m excited to announce I’ll be returning to the sand for 3 days of event coverage with Volleyball BC for the Big West Volleyfest event series, Saturday July 30 to Monday August 1! This epic beach event anticipates >400 athletes. It[…]

6 things you’ll feel by 3 months after ACL surgery

An interview with a Team Canada / Varsity athlete by Travis Dodds Vancouver, BC ACL surgery or ACL/Meniscus surgery is a fairly well known injury in the world of sports. While outcomes tend to be good and return to sport is usually expected, the days leading up to surgery and the early days post surgery[…]