My first month at Enhanced Performance

It’s hard to believe it has already been one month working from Enhanced Performance. Time for some reflection!

Setting up a physio practice in the gym setting

The past four weeks have been a time for getting something new started. One of the coolest things about starting out on your own is having the opportunity to choose your equipment, and take care of the little details that help things run smoothly and properly. So this might seem anticlimactic but sometimes it’s about the little things. A couple examples that come to mind for me are having the opportunity to get out and try out a bunch of new needles for IMS AKA functional dry needling. There are a wide range of products out there so having the opportunity to try them all out and choose what seems to work best for your clients is actually very liberating. I feel that the needles I’ve chosen now will offer both an enhanced level of comfort for my clients and optimal design for clean needle technique.

Another example is figuring out how to deal with keeping things clean on the treatment table in a new environment. I I think this is a critical element of any healthcare setting. Improved measures to safeguard both the health of clinicians and clients gives me a lot of peace of mind.

Helping people reduce pain and move better, with more options

Transitioning to work 100% out of strength and conditioning spaces has offered me the opportunity to enhance service delivery for key client groups. Everyone asks do I still do hands-on treatment? Do I still do dry needling/IMS? Do I still do physio there? Of course! I am and always will be a physio! But, just as I had hoped, it seems that just by being in this environment many clients have instantly felt more comfortable to begin pursuing significant strength development that is very likely to make the greatest possible impact on their recovery. So now we can use kettlebells and barbells too!

Walking the talk: working out with Enhanced Performance

I first heard about EP from a local beach volleyball pro, Christoff. He said, “Travis, I worked out with these guys, and learned so much, after all my years as a pro athlete. You should go meet them. They are your kind if people.” He was right! One of the coolest things about joining forces with EP is the opportunity to train with them. Being coached in exercises helps you, no matter how knowledgeable you may be. Because sometimes there are things you simply can’t see or feel that a good professional can highlight for you. So yes, I am really enjoying working out with Enhanced Performance in their training system. Highly recommend.

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