September 24, 2010


Meet your physiotherapist:

Hi there, thanks for checking out my bio. Before you see a physiotherapist, you should probably know a thing or two about who they are, and how they’re different from the others. I hope this helps:

Love to reduce pain. Live to help people jump, run, hit, dive, and move better. Use manual therapy and IMS to treat symptoms, rehab and performance exercise to make lasting change. Founded Lift Clinic and created Movement Champions for people who value resilience, performance, longevity and movement.

As a physiotherapist I value the:

  • trust you put in me, your hopes and goals
  • opportunity to assess everything from whole body movement to local pains and weaknesses
  • scope to treat everything from muscle and joint to nervous system and movement patterning
  • chance to collaborate with your coach, personal trainer, physician or other rehab professionals
  • ability to help you find strength, resilience, longevity and performance

Career highlights as a physiotherapist:

  • University of Alberta’s Masters of Science in Physical Therapy program in 2010
  • Mentorship: Varsity therapist, U of A Pandas Volleyball 2009-2010
  • Ortho Canada Manual Therapy Levels 1, 2, 3
  • IMS / Functional Dry Needling (cert): Levels 1, 2 and Functional Therapeutics
  • Sport event coverage: annually hosts multidisciplinary sport therapy coverage for Volleyball BC’s U17/18 Indoor Provincial Championships (April); Beach Volleyball Provincial Championships at Bigwest Volleyfest (August); and UBC’s High School Invitational Senior Boys’ Volleyball Tournament (September).
  • Consulted to multiple teams and clubs including volleyball, ultimate, football, club swimming, rugby, basketball, softball, jiu jistu, lacrosse, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet.
  • Developed of Movement Champions, a program and resource hub for coaches, clubs and individuals (2017 here)
  • Mentorship: Strength and Conditioning with Enhanced Performance (2018)
  • Initiated my independent physiotherapy practice at Eastside Fitness (2016)
  • Launched Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic (2018)

Some things you wouldn’t guess about me:


  • My first love of strength training came as I went from a bench player on my grade 10 football team to a starter in grade 11. A group of us trained 5 days a week from January to July. It was life changing. Our team had a lot of success in grade 11 and 12, and it was a ton of fun.
  • Furthermore, on the subject of my mediocre athletic successes, I didn’t start playing volleyball (recreational) until I was in University. I am a short volleyball player at 5’9″, and when I am in really good shape I can kind of compete with a few guys who have played college (if I have a stacked team). I have coached club and high school, and enjoyed the chance to sit on the bench as a therapist/consultant for 5 years with U of A Pandas and UBC men’s and women’s programs. In 2007 I also founded Canada’s first community-level Sitting Volleyball program (the Paralympic volleyball game), with help from Team Canada.

Personal experience with injury

  • Through sports, I have injured 6 of 10 fingers, my neck, my back, most of my right side (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and foot). I have been rear-ended in a highway car accident. My worst injuries have had lasting effects that I work on to this day. That said, you wouldn’t know by looking at me but I can assure you I’ve had my share of pain. As a physiotherapist, I love having the opportunity to figure out my own issues, and I hope I’ll be lucky enough to be very active for my whole life. On that note, I still hope one day maybe I’ll be able to jump 6″ higher than I do now.
  • With that said, lets keep some perspective here… my grandfather crawled hundreds of metres to a medical tent after a friendly fire bombing in world war 2, when field medics left him for dead. He worked hard to be able to walk again, and lived a long life full of adventure in spite of his lasting disability. My father nearly died in a highway collision that left him with severe post concussion syndrome. What I’m saying is, I can appreciate the scope of variable “rehab and performance goals” given the hand we’ve been dealt. And I love working with people who are motivated to live a better life through improved physical function. I want us all to be strong, active, and love life to the best of our ability. Nobody said it would be easy but I hope it will be fun.

Random surprises

  • On another note, I love to cook. My two young kids at home keep me on my toes and don’t know how lucky they are. I own 3 internal temperature thermometers and highly recommend them for anyone who wants to cook perfect salmon, beef, pork, chicken, lamb. Favorite meals include sushi, rib roast with yorkshire pudding, anything bbq. 2017 was my first year venturing into gardening although 3/4 of my grand parents grew up on farms here in BC.
  • Finally, I was a pretty shy kid. Now as a physiotherapist, I post social media, and have over 2 million hits on my youtube channel where I try to share some of the secrets about the human body I’ve learned on my physio journey. I am still shy but my passion to help people prevent injury and perform better outweighs my shyness apparently.